Direct Trade Coffee

If you are in the coffee business, and you get a phone call from Colombia, answer the phone. We did and the results have been incredible. We could not be more excited to be partnering directly with a group of farms in Colombia to produce an amazing lineup of coffee. 

Shady Bayter of El Vergel Estates in Tolima, Colombia made that phone call to us several months ago and that call opened up a new chapter for us. After seeing our instagram and checking out our website, Shady reached out because he liked our mission and our thoughtful approach to coffee. Over the following weeks we sampled some of the most incredible coffees we have ever tried. He and his brother Elias work with a few partner farms in Colombia to implement avant garde processing methods and we hope to provide you with a tour of wonderful flavors from all across this diverse and historic coffee-producing nation. 

The Bayter brothers are not only pushing the envelope with processing techniques, but they are also leading the way in their region with sustainable farming by drastically reducing water consumption and composting spent coffee cherry fruits for farm-wide fertilizer. In keeping with this mindset, we selected new packaging for our Direct Trade coffees that are fully compostable and recyclable. We hope you enjoy!