Colombia - Red Condor Tolima

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Region: Tolima

Farm: Regional Co-op

Farmers: Dona Ofelia - Lead producer

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Processing Method: Pre-fermentation, Washed, Sun-dried

Altitude: 1,700 Meters above sea level


The Red Condor is a collection of three different coffee varietals all harvested from the western part of Tolima around the dormant Santa Isabel volcano. This region has long been decimated by war in Colombia, but it is becoming a focal point for specialty coffee in Colombia thanks, in part, to our Direct Trade partners pushing the boundaries with processing techniques that highlight the original character of the bean. 

This coffee goes through a pre-fermentation phase that is well-controlled prior to being washed, sun-dried, and hand sorted. This extra attention produces a higher-quality starting produce for our coffee roast, and the effort increases the value of the beans for the farms. This gives farmers and their families better quality of life and increased security in the financial future of their farms. 

This light-roasted coffee is bright and lively but incredibly complex - starfruit and lime are backed by classic caramel sweetness and a hint of almond. A mild savory note really rounds out the flavor profile creating a multifaceted mouthfeel that is easy to drink and great brewed hot or cold.  


As with all of our Direct Trade coffees, the packaging is recyclable and compostable as it is free from any plastic lining.