Colombia - Copper Condor Santander

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Region: Santander

Farm: Hacienda El Rodeo

Farmers: Alfonso & Christian Reyes

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Processing Method: Pre-fermentation, Washed, Sun-dried

Altitude: 2,100 Meters above sea level

The 'Cóndor de Cobre' (Copper Condor) comes to us from Hacienda El Rodeo located in the small town of Curití in the Santander region of Colombia. The coffee farm project started in 2011 when Alfonso Reyes and his son Cristian Reyes set out to restore an abandoned farm. Due to its condition, the project started from scratch, but,  since that time they have been cultivating Arabica Coffee every year and steadily increasing production as they grow some of the finest coffee in Colombia.

Nowadays the father-son duo have sown 110 hectares of land and still have another 35 hectares to cultivate during the next 3 years. The total area of the farm is 170 hectares but they decided to keep around 25 ha. for nature and wildlife conservation. The farm is at a height between 1.900 to 2.200 mamsl and they grow the coffee under shade.

This coffee is really beautiful in the cup and on the nose. If you love well developed sweetness in coffee without harsh acidity, this is an excellent coffee for you. This light-medium roast boasts notes of fig and fresh baked French pastries on the nose that are followed by a really wonderful sweetness reminiscent of toasted marshmallows or simple syrup. On the first tasting, sweet Valencia orange flavors jumped off the palate as well, followed by hints of Tamarind. we love this addition to our Colombia lineup. 

As with all of our Direct Trade coffees, the packaging is recyclable and compostable as it is free from any plastic lining.