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Farm: Great Lakes Coffee

Farm Size: Small farmer co-op where the average farm has roughly 1,600 trees. 

Cup Score: 86.75
Cup Profile: (Tasting Notes) Tamarind, cherry, and clementine with a nose of white grape

Altitude: 1500-1800M
Process: Natural
Location and History:

This is the second year that our partner Great Lakes Coffee has produced Naturals in the Mt. Elgon area of Uganda.  As the area has shifted towards more cherry sales in place of traditional home processed parchment sales, the opportunity to collect cherry for both Fully Washed and Natural processed coffees has become a bigger focus.  The Great Lakes Coffee farmer groups contributing to this lot are made up of 467 farmers with an average of 1,600 trees per farm. 

Freshly picked Cherries are collected across two districts, Kapchorwa and Bulambuli.  They are then transported to Sironko town to a 2 acre Drying Station where the coffee cherries are floated, sorted and then dried for 18 days on average using raised African beds.  

This coffee is an absolute fruit aroma bomb! Bright and vibrant fruit on the nose is actually mellowed-out in the cup, leading to smooth and rich low-acid drinking. We kept the roast lighter so you can really enjoy the origin character and get a hint of what coffee fruit in Uganda actually tastes like.